31 Fall Finds: Myrtle Beach’s Best-Kept Secrets

November 1st, 2017

With summer officially behind us, most visitors turn their focus to fall fun with seasonal activities like golf and many local festivals taking center stage.

But never ones to give up on summer before it’s necessary, the Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce recently released a list of “Myrtle Beach’s 60 Best-Kept Secrets.”

The list encourages visitors to take advantage of the beautiful weather in September and October to extend the season for an extra 60 days and to spend it discovering some of the area’s hidden gems.

While we think it’s great to shed light on some of the Grand Strand’s lesser-known areas and attractions, we’ve taken this idea a step further by hand-picking our favorite activities from the list and giving a local’s take on what makes them worth your precious vacation time.

Here are 31 fall finds — one for each day in October — we think you’ll enjoy:

1. Watch the lights at the SkyWheel.

Though it’s quickly become one of the area’s most recognizable attractions, an underappreciated aspect of the SkyWheel is the enjoyment you can get from simply sitting and watching it.

At night, the wheel illuminates with thousands of colored LEDs which move in synchronized patterns making for a simple, yet spectacular light show.

Plop down in nearby Plyler Park and enjoy a view of the wheel on one side, the ocean on another and the hustle and bustle of downtown on the other side. Complete the experience with listening to live entertainment in the park and having a meal at Landshark Landing or the newly-added Moe Moon’s.

• Cost: Ride for $13 adults, $9 for kids.

• Details: myrtlebeachskywheel.com or 843-839-9200

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