Home Sweet Carolina: The Top 5 Interior Design Trends For South Carolina in 2024

January 26th, 2024

Welcome to a new year! The turning of the calendar to 2024 brings chances for fresh starts and may inspire you to finally get a new home in the community of your dreams. When you take that leap, we want you to be up on the latest interior styles and aesthetics. We’re gearing up for the International Builders’ Show and have our minds on what makes homes beautiful outside and inside – so let’s delve into the top 5 interior design trends shaping homes across South Carolina in 2024. From the coastal elegance of Myrtle Beach to your personal, eclectic charm, give your new home a new look in the new year!

Coastal Chic in The Palmetto State

In South Carolina, the Coastal Chic interior design style has emerged as a prominent trend, captivating the hearts of many homeowners. With its relaxed and eclectic aesthetic, Coastal Chic perfectly complements the laid-back atmosphere of Myrtle Beach. Embracing neutral colors, abundant greenery, fabric accents, and vibrant jewel tones like deep browns, greens, purples, oranges, and bright blues, the Coastal Chic style blends with the coastal aesthetics of Grande Dunes. Incorporating concepts like canopy bedding, wicker or rattan furniture, and bookshelves adorned with colorful books creates a harmonious fusion of relaxed coastal living and bohemian flair. As a top interior design style in South Carolina, Coastal Chic reflects Myrtle Beach’s eye for unconventional beauty and celebrates individuality in home decor.

Revive, Reimagine, Recreate

Interior design is evolving towards reviving classic and refurbished furniture. The trend encourages homeowners to breathe new life into vintage pieces through reupholstering and refinishing, offering a sustainable solution amidst supply shortages. This shift fosters an appreciation for timeless pieces that endure for decades, blending mid-century styles with modern elements. Influenced by multi-generational social media posts, homes now embrace a mix of antiques, pre-loved furniture, and the nostalgic revival of 70s decor, creating spaces that radiate uniqueness, character, and authenticity

Dim the Lights

A fresh wave in interior design involves steering away from lighter palettes and immersing in tones inspired by the natural world. Homes now embrace deep, earthy colors like rich rust and red shades alongside darker wood tones. Emerging color trends lean towards revitalizing palettes with pale pinks, soft yellows, and cozy browns, marking these shades as the new neutrals. These colors cultivate welcoming and serene living spaces, connecting homes with natural elements for added warmth and comfort.

Sensory Focus

Dive into the next design trend, emphasizing the look and feel through textile and textured walls. Surfaces and walls become a delight to both the eyes and touch by incorporating soft fabrics like velvet, mohair, and bouclé. This trend is beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating an ambiance of comfort and coziness that resonates with the tranquility of Myrtle Beach. Texture becomes a vital tool in adding depth, dimension, and decadence to a room, ensuring spaces are visually appealing and sensually gratifying.

Illuminate Your Space

As homes adapt to diverse roles, the significance of thoughtful lighting takes center stage. This trend revolves around creating inviting light fixtures, utilizing warm table lamps, layered chandeliers and floor lamps to craft a welcoming ambiance. Practical lighting in areas like kitchens or studies adds functionality, transforming a room’s mood and atmosphere. Beyond aesthetics, the choice to use environmentally friendly products is trendy and reflects Grande Dunes’ commitment to responsible and sustainable living.

Whether it’s the relaxed Boho vibes or the timeless Southern elegance, these five trends reflect the dynamic spirit of South Carolina living. As new homeowners embrace these trends and infuse their Grande Dunes home with modern charm, the year ahead promises to be simply Grande. Experience it for yourself and join the Grande Dunes community.