5 Reasons that Make South Carolina the Best State for Retirement

March 16th, 2021

Retirement can mean different things for people. For some, it’s about finding time to do all the things you didn’t have time for while working. Others think retirement is about living in a place that has excellent weather and fun things to do. Others want a landing pad between travel-inspired adventures. In truth, the best places to retire can have all that and more!

The east coast has countless places that are fantastic for retirement. Yet, there is something special about South Carolina that has made it be considered one of the best places to retire in the country by many organizations. In Grande Dunes, we agree, but we might be a tad biased. So, let’s look at the facts and answer the question “Is South Carolina a good state to retire in?”.

Here Are the Top Five Reasons Why South Carolina is a Good State to Retire In

Ideal Weather

Many people from the northeast move to Florida to enjoy their golden years. Well, it doesn’t take long for everyone to realize a few things about the Sunshine State — it’s extremely hot, humid and crowded. Many people decide to head back north, or at least halfway, and they realize things are cooler, literally, in South Carolina. Plus, you have a more full-spectrum of seasons in South Carolina, allowing you to enjoy both warm and crisp, cool days. If you’re looking for better weather, South Carolina is the best place to be!

Great Tax Benefits for Retirees

Kiplinger recently ranked South Carolina as one of the most tax-friendly states for retirees through their Retiree Tax Map. Retirees don’t have to pay tax on Social Security benefits and other exemptions on retirement income. There is also no inheritance tax, and property tax is comparatively low, which greatly protects your hard-earned retirement savings. If reducing your tax burden is important to your retirement planning, then South Carolina is probably the best place to start your retirement living.

A Prime Spot for Travelers

Located right in the center of the east coast, South Carolina is ideal for those who want to explore everything the country has to offer. This is especially true for those of us in Myrtle Beach, which has access to some of the main highways that connect us to major destinations. Travel to Raleigh, Washington D.C., Savannah, Atlanta and Florida and even head out west without any problem. Plus, within our state, you will find an endless array of historical, cultural and natural destinations from pristine beaches to unforgettable landmarks.

Lower Cost of Living

Another big bonus for calling South Carolina home is a lower cost of living. Thanks to sales tax, lower cost of living and other factors, you can get the quality and convenience of an incredible community without compromising your retirement savings.

Vacation Comes Home

South Carolina is a beautiful and expansive playground for retirees. From incredible beaches to unsurpassed golf courses like the Members Club at Grande Dunes, you can enjoy every moment life has to offer and a comfortable retirement all in one remarkable state. When you choose an area like ours, you also get the convenience of shopping, dining, entertainment, healthcare, employment and higher education schools (of which retirees can attend for free) just a short distance away. All of these benefits will make your Myrtle Beach home purchase a fantastic real estate investment as well.

Become a South Carolinian!

It’s your time to love life. Contact us today to learn more about South Carolina and why our community is repeatedly considered one of the best places to live throughout the state.