Fun Happenings at the Ocean Club

April 23rd, 2021

The warm weather is here in Myrtle Beach! As a result, Grande Dunes residents are heading to the newly renovated Ocean Club to enjoy their private beach access, delicious dining, refreshing drinks and, of course, the company of the best neighbors in the world. Let’s see what’s happening in Myrtle Beach’s top place to live and soak up the sun.

New Friendly Faces

We are excited to welcome Elise Bryant as our Director of Operations at the Ocean Club and KodiJean Johnson as our new Assistant Admin! Elise and KodiJean are dedicated to making every moment as memorable and fun as possible for our residents to enjoy the club’s various amenities and events. Be sure to say hello next time you stop by!

Cool Classes

When you visited Myrtle Beach as a child, we bet you never thought you would be able to enjoy a yoga class or an aerobics class at your own private beach! Today, residents enjoy a variety of fun classes aimed at promoting health, wellness, socialization and fun! As a result, members meet new people, stay active and enjoy our beautiful Mediterranean-style seaside club.

Fun Groups

At the Ocean Club, you’ll find a long list of growing clubs and groups of people who share a common passion, pastime or hobby — it’s a great way to bring everyone together! Whether you like photography, cars, pottery, books, mahjong, food, birding or traveling, there is a club for you.

A Life of Smiles

Our non-profit efforts are also a driving force for the club. We’ve helped bring thousands of dollars to a variety of groups in Myrtle Beach, North Myrtle Beach and across the Grand Strand as a whole through fundraising events, charitable activities and more. It’s how our amazing residents give back to the community.

Dive Into the Fun!

Every resident of Grande Dunes is welcome to join in the fun at the Ocean Club. Only here can you enjoy exceptional dining service, refreshing cocktails and your very own private slice of Myrtle Beach alongside neighbors who all know the same feeling… that this is home!