A Great Day for Golf: Members Club Course Renovations Complete!

November 9th, 2020

For years, the Members Club golf course has delivered a spectacular golfing experience for golfers of various skill levels. Well today, the course is better than ever! We are excited that our course-wide renovation project is complete, and the course is now fully open once more.

The renovation project lasted around nine months and was part of an extensive venture to update the course and provide improved usability, functionality and overall experience on the course. The Members Club team was thrilled to work with Golf Course Architect Craig Schreiner, the original architect of the course. Craig helped oversee the project, so the updates progressed according to plan and scope.

What’s new on the course?

One of the biggest improvements golfers have been looking forward to is improvements to the foundations of all course bunkers. These essential parts of the course have been given new life and integrity, which will help as you traverse the beautiful 18 holes. The course also received all-new sand and drainage enhancements to reduce flooding and water retention in high-traffic areas.

We are excited that, during this project, we also transitioned the course from L-93 bentgrass to Tif-eagle bermudagrass, a popular hybrid species used at several of the country’s top courses. The hybrid grass is recognized as one of the more heat-tolerant options used for golf course turf, growing best in 80-degree weather, which is perfect for the Myrtle Beach climate. The greens have also been pushed out to their original size, giving new life to the landscape. An interesting update happened on the 13th green, which was completely reshaped, adding numerous hole locations to the left-hand of the green. 

While the project was underway, the entire golf course was evaluated in regard to mowing patterns. Many of the fairways have been re-shaped for definitions and many collection areas have been added around greens to give players options when missing the greens.

“The course has never looked better,” said Brian Vest, Head Golf Professional at the Members Club. “We are thrilled that these renovations have taken place and we’re excited for our golfers to see all our hard work in person.”

The perfect time to join the club!

With the course being in pristine condition, it’s a great time to think about joining the Members Club. We have some amazing membership options available that fit your lifestyle. It’s the perfect way to make your life in Grande Dunes even better or to experience golf like never before. No matter if you’re a seasoned golfer or a little green to hitting the greens, there is always something new to discover at the club. 

Looking to discover the right membership package for you? Contact Pamela Evans, our Membership Director, to discover which membership is right for you!