MIT-Harvard Real Estate Career Conference

April 24th, 2018

On April 6, 2018, the Harvard Alumni Real Estate Board held the Harvard/MIT Real Estate Career Day, organized bi-annually and draws students enrolled in real estate-focused programs from both Universities. The goal of the event is to expose students to the diversity of employment opportunities in the real estate sector and give students the chance to ask questions of and network with alumni of both Universities currently working in the industry.

Our very own Margaret LaCalle, President, Grande Dunes and Grande Dunes North was on the panel for this event and describes her experience:

“The exposure, experience and just being in the presence of accomplished women in the real estate industry was a little overwhelming and a bit intimidating. When I listened to the other panel members, I realized how impactful these women are and they are changing the landscape of how women are viewed in this industry and also the legacy they are leaving for future generations.

When I was sitting on the panel looking out at the soon-to-be MBAs, they looked so optimistic and eager; I felt so humbled and honored that they thought we had all the answers but as we talked through our life experiences, they quickly realized that life is about the ups and downs. That the challenges we face, are exactly what is supposed to happen. There is no pass or failure in this life, it’s about taking risks, getting up when you’re pushed down, believing in yourself, really enjoying the journey but most important knowing that we are exactly where we need to be at any given time.”